HG Consulting has been proudly serving the Columbus, Ohio area since 2011.  We are an IT solutions and managed services provider with a breadth of knowledge and expertise in communications and collaboration; data center and cloud services; and managed services.  We have helped businesses, both small and large, accomplish their IT needs while staying under budget.

HG Consulting provides customers with highly skilled technology professionals to serve as subject matter exrts for both short- and long-term projects.  Our consultants offer technical, certified expertise across all stages of service delivery and can help you maximize your IT spend as temporary staff or as backfill when you need to augment your team. 

Managed Services

IT Outsourcing - Need a part-time IT member to support your team?  This is the option for you.  Let us handle your IT needs while you focus on running your business.   HG Consulting can help you devise a strategic plan for your business.

Network Administration - As the network environment becomes more and more complex, many businesses turn to professional technology companies like HGC to manage their IT environments.  Allow HGC to administer the network while your business operation runs in a stable, flexible, and robust environment.

Remote Management - Remote Management and Support of your IT network is implemented remotely and through regular on-site visits. We work together with your management to act as the cornerstone of your IT consulting team. 

Network Infrastructure Services

Network Architecture & DesignOur certified experts are highly trained and highly skilled.  Let us help you install a 10Gb infrastructure for that upcoming iSCSI SAN project.  

Security - Network Security is the most demanded service we offer.  We can help ensure that your network and data are secure from the outside world.  Let us help design a solution for you today!

System Infrastructure Services

Server - Supporting both Windows & Unix/Linux servers.  Call us today to talk about your current needs.

Virtualization - the best way to bring down your IT budget while adding flexibility to your infrastructure.  HGC is experienced with both VMWare vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V.  

Storage - HGC understands that your business data is the lifeblood that enables your organization to successfully compete in today's marketplace. It is critical to have a reliable storage strategy to protect and manage your information assets. An optimized storage solution can also improve operational efficiency and lower management costs.

Disaster Recovery & Backup - Disasters are sudden, unexpected, and unwelcome. Recovering your data is critical for your organization to remain solvent and healthy. We know that a well-designed and implemented backup strategy is critical to the success of data recovery in the event of unexpected occurrences. Join the many customers that we have assisted over the years to take advantage of our expertise and experience.

Technology Audit Services

IT Assessment - Does your IT department need improvement but don't know where to start first?  Do you need help building a technology road map? We offer IT & Technology Assessments to help you keep your business moving in the right direction.

Network Security - Network Security Audits allow you to know where the holes in your network are.

Server Backups - Is your data being backed up properly?  Let us verify that your data is safe with a Backup Audit!

Health Checks - Enterprises in today's business environment rely on business-critical applications to conduct business, and it is critical that those applications perform as effectively as possible. Our trained professionals will inspect the health of your IT infrastructure to keep your business running smoothly.