Large University Network Refresh

648 port Network switch upgrade.  Upgraded from Cisco 3560G switches to HPN 8212zl core switch and HPN 5412zl IDF switches.  Below there are before and after pictures of two of the IDF Network Closets, and the before pictures of the "Core Switch / Server Switch" which was redesigned into a traditional core switch with "Top of Rack" server switches.  The network backbone originally was composed of non-redundant 1Gb copper uplinks "daisy-chaining" the 3560G switch.  At the end of the project, all switches were redundantly connected by 20Gb fiber uplinks.

Photo 1:

Floor 1 IDF Closet

Photo 2:

Floor 2 IDF Closet

Photo 3:

Floor 3 IDF Closet

Photo 4:

Core / Server Switch (Left) | New core, ready for Network Migration (Right)

Photo 5:

Network Diagram (Before)

Photo 6:

Network Diagram (After)