Server Room Cleanup (Post-Migration)

Phase One of the Data Center Migration was to segment the network and prepare for migration.  Phase Two of the Data Center Migration Project entailed migrating the servers and their storage devices to the Data Center.  The details of Phases One and Two of the Data Center Migration Project can be found here.

After the racks at the Data Center were stood up, equipment installed, and services migrated to the Data Center, we were able to begin clean up of the Server Room.  Hundreds of Cat5/6 cables, power cables, KVM cables, PDUs, were ripped out and removed.  Tables, Old Equipment, Backup Tape Libraries, Server Racks, and much, much more were also decommissioned from Production.

General Maintenance and Cleaning are still in process as the years of neglect have left this room with a lot of need of work.  However, these photos will help show the progress made over the course of a little more than a year.  We went from "the jungle" that no one volunteered to enter to an organized, manageable and respectable server room in just over a year.

Next Steps

  • Properly Rackmount Core Switch
  • Remove table that current Core Switch is sitting on
  • Properly Terminate Fiber Connections
  • Continue with general cleanup

Upcoming Projects:

  • OSPF Firewall Integration / Automatic Internet Failover
  • Infrastructure Upgrade - PoE Switches
  • ShoreTel Phone System Installation & Integration