Cloud-based VoIP PBX w/ SIP Trunking

A client of ours had been running on a 25-year-old Nortel PBX. The system was very dated, and very difficult to use. Often times when employees would leave and new employees would be hired, voice mailboxes, passwords, and even greetings would never get changed due to the lack intuitiveness of the system and its interface. The client placed the following additional requirements:

  • The company would be moving its headquarters to a new office within the next year. The new system would need to function at both sites.

  • The company frequently travels, both domestically and internationally. The system should provide the company with cheaper international communications.

  • The system should be easy to use. Basic functions, such as change voicemail greeting or PIN, should not require significant Network Administrator assistance.

  • Costs needed to be about the same, or if possible, reduce the overall monthly costs. The company was spending around $400 monthly on telephone services from a local provider.

Enter 3CX’s VoIP PBX solution hosted on Microsoft Azure cloud-computing platform with SIP trunking. Installing 3CX’s VoIP PBX In the cloud allowed VoIP Phones anywhere in the world to be able to connect and receive Corporate Phone Services. This made the headquarters office move very easy for the company and its employees. Once the headquarters network had been installed, employees were able to move offices without having to coordinate moving their telephone services or changing phone/extension numbers. This also provided a very cost-efficient way to communicate internationally. Employees in the USA could communicate with vendors, clients, and/or employees in Europe or Asia using free secure VoIP protocols without incurring additional costs.

The new system required very little training for users to begin using the basic features of the system such as dialing, using voicemail, and transferring calls. Basic training opened up the doors for all employees to begin using may of the PBX’s advanced features such as Statuses, Call-Forwarding, Find Me, and Conferencing.

The overall monthly cost of the system ended up saving the company around $50-$100 per month. The company was very happy with the overall savings while providing employees with a much more comprehensive telecommunications tool.